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Throwback Thursday – Chicago, IL; January 2011

July 16, 2015
1 min. read

This week we are headed to the Windy City! We’re throwing it back to January 2011 when we first started shipping Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread to Chicago, Illinois.

The wholesaler/distributor who was set to start up the Chicago territory had just moved up from Florida and quickly realized that the weather in Chicago posed a very different set of logistical issues. Within three weeks of moving to Chicago, they got 27 inches of snow! “What is all this white stuff and how are we supposed to deliver in it?”

At first the wholesaler/distributor thought all that snow would keep them from working for three weeks while the snow was being cleared, but instead they were back on the road the next day! It didn’t take long to figure out that although they were not used to the snow, the Chicago road crews were!

Today, Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread are available all over the Chicago area!

Below are some pictures of the first trucks that brought Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread to Chicago…both in the snow and in the beautiful sunshine!

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