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Showstopper Recipes

December 16, 2019
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Pork Crown Roast

Christmas is only a short week and a half away! Do you have your dinner menu planned yet? If you’re in search of some stunning holiday recipes (that look much more difficult than they actually are), then you’ll love our “showstopper holiday recipes” like Crown Roast of Pork and assorted Caviar Crostini. With some genius décor tips and a few fancy ingredients, you’ll have your Christmas guests feeling like they’re dining in a five-star restaurant.


The first step to planning an elegant dinner party is to decide on the tone and atmosphere. For example, if you are going for a very formal gathering, you may ask your guests to dress up. Deciding on the tone in advance also helps you ensure you have the proper décor, table settings, and other essentials.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Will you be sending out invitations?
  • Consider bringing out the “fancy” china and silverware for your meal.
  • How many courses will you be serving?
  • How large will your party be?

Remember that your tablescape and décor can be important factors in determining the ambiance of your event. Review our Table Etiquette blog for a refresher on proper place settings and hosting tips.

Smoked Salmon Caviar Crostini

First Course: Appetizer

What better way to impress your dinner guests than with a multi-course dining experience? First up: the appetizer. You can either prepare these in advance and serve them informally as people arrive and start to mingle, or serve them as a first course after everyone is seated at the table.

Crostini are a great simple appetizer that take little time to prepare. But with a few fancy ingredients like smoked salmon and caviar, as well as some intricate plating techniques, they become impressive and elevated finger foods.

We suggest serving both of the below crostini varieties together to offer your guests an assortment to choose from.

Curious about the different types of caviar? Check out this resource to learn more.

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Crostini

These elegant crostini utilize an intricate balance of flavors by pairing smoked salmon, Dijionnaise, black caviar, and dill for garnish. These ingredients all come together into a complex and cohesive dish worthy of a black tie affair.

Smoked Salmon Caviar Crostini

Cucumber Caviar Crostini

This crostini variation involves a delicate ribbon of cucumber carefully woven between layers of creamy goat cheese and decorated with pops of color from red-orange roe. The Christmas tree-shaped appetizer is the perfect decorative touch for your first course spread.

Cucumber Caviar Crostini


Main Course: Entrée & Side Dish

This is it: the main attraction. Here’s your prime opportunity to impress your guests with a showstopper of an entrée. Pull out all the stops by preparing something that’s visually stunning and tastes even better than it looks!

Crown Roast of Pork with Mushroom Dressing

This gorgeous entrée is so unique that it basically becomes its own centerpiece. A crown roast is simply a rack (or two) of ribs that is formed into a circle with the bone ends of the ribs pointing up. For ease of preparation, ask your butcher ahead of time to prepare this cut of meat—they should be able to assist with forming the crown and even cleaning the bones for you.

Accompany this roast with a savory mushroom dressing using Martin’s Potatobred Soft Cubed Stuffing. It’s the perfect side dish for the apricot preserve-glazed pork chop.

For a fancy finishing touch, make your own paper frills to top the ends of the ribs prior to serving. Check out this video for a simple tutorial.

Pork Crown Roast


Third Course: Dessert

You can’t send your guests home without dessert! Consider one of the below options for your last impression:


We hope you enjoyed these “Showstopper Recipes” and have a very merry Christmas with your friends and loved ones!

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