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September 1, 2016
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Back to School Season is in full swing! Already running out of quick meal ideas? Or sick of sending your kids out the door with the same old PB&J? You’ve come to the right place. Just because you’re short on time, doesn’t mean you have to be short on flavor! Keep checking back throughout the month of September for recipes that will have you #ReadytoRoll!

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Check out these awesome blog posts!


Pepperoni Pizza Sandwiches On The Go!

From: Cait’s Cozy Corner

“We love a good pizza (in fact every Friday night is pizza night in our home!) but who doesn’t love a fun treat of having it for lunch, just as a different way of eating them? Plus, Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls are perfect for soaking in all that extra cheese and pizza sauce so you get a big mouthful of ooey gooey goodness with each bite!”

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Make-Ahead Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

From: Domestic Superhero

“Now that school is back in full swing (well, here in Georgia at least), I have been racking my brain for easy, quick, healthy breakfast solutions…Enter Easy Make-Ahead Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches and we are #ReadyToRoll.”

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3 Easy Breakfast Sandwiches for Busy Moms #READYTOROLL

From: Love, Peace and Tiny Feet

“With back-to-school season in session, we’ve all been scrambling to get back on some sort of routine to both get our kids started on the right track and to maintain our sanity. Whatever routine works for your family, the one part of the morning you absolutely cannot skip is breakfast…”

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Quick and Easy Turkey Club Recipe #READYTOROLL

From: The Rebel Chick

“Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. Neither does it have to be frozen or made in a blender. In fact, breakfast can be simple and easy…”

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Oven Baked Frittata Breakfast Sandwiches

From: Miss Information Blog

“…I made these frittata breakfast sandwiches with bacon and cheese and tomato slices for the kids. I like to add diced peppers, onion, spinach and sausage to mine!”

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Cheesy Scrambled Eggs & Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

From: Young at Heart Mommy

“Step up your breakfast game during back to school season by using the classics to create Cheesy Scrambled Eggs & Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches the whole family will enjoy…”

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Sinfully Delicious and SIMPLE Stuffed Breakfast Sliders

From: Lauren Paints

“I stuff delicious little Martin’s Party Potato Rolls full of sausage, top them with chipotle gouda cheese, and eggs and bake them, then I add in my own little special sauce before handing them off to my family…”

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3 Minute Breakfast Sandwiches

From: Craft Box Girls

“School is back in session and the morning hustle is in full effect. We teamed up with Martin’s Potato Rolls to create three 3 minute tasty grab and go breakfast sandwiches. Martin’s Potato Rolls make these sandwiches so good your kiddos just might try to grab two!”

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Cheesy Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

From: Funtastic Life

“To avoid getting bored of breakfast meals, I try to make sure that we have options. BUT , it has to be something that is easy to prepare and delicious. That is why I came up with a Cheesy Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Sandwich that my family absolutely loves.”

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My Go-To School Day Breakfast Sandwich #ReadyToRoll

From: Sami Cone

“My kids love breakfast in general, but in particular, they love breakfast sandwiches. And why wouldn’t they? Breakfast sandwiches combine some of my kids’ favorite foods into one portable and convenient meal…”

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Easy Lunchbox Lunches – Tips for Easier School Morning

From: A Helicopter Mom

“We especially love that it’s so easy to make a breakfast sandwich for the kids with scrambled eggs and a slice of cheese, while at the same time we can knock out some yummy and easy sandwiches for the lunchboxes. We use Martin’s Potato Rolls for breakfasts and lunchboxes to help get us all #ReadyToRoll in the mornings.”

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Gear Up For Great Mornings With Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls

From: Blonde Mom Blog

“I try to ensure that my girls get a hearty and hot breakfast with lots of protein. Cold cereal dumped out of a cardboard box just won’t do on days when they need to be on their game all day and into the evening. Both my girls are big fans of breakfast sandwiches and these A+ Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sliders are a hit with everyone at my house.”

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Ham and Cheese Potato Rolls, Hot Sandwiches

From: Sandra’s Easy Cooking

“I love talking with my kids about food, as they are foodies just like me. We discussed meals that we will create during this school year. One thing that all three of them love, are actually sandwiches. They could eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…”

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Breakfast Sliders with Martin’s Potato Rolls

From: Pharr Away

“Most days eggs and cheese on a buttered potato roll is the go-to choice because it’s the quickest to prepare. But, on days when everything is going exceptionally well in the morning I’ll prepare bacon or sausage and saute a few onions to top off my breakfast slider…”

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