5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)

Introducing Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread

by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

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Grandma’s Kitchen

Think back to your grandma’s cozy kitchen…the warm and inviting atmosphere…the classic scenery of her antique cookware, which has seen too much love to ever go out of style…the sweet-smelling aroma of her freshly-baked breads and pastries and desserts, made with only the freshest ingredients, plus a whole lotta love.

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butter-bread_right-leanGrandma’s kitchen is a place where time stands still—the hustle and bustle of everyday life comes to a halt, and we are invited in to enjoy the comfort and security of a warm, familiar place where all that matters are moments spent together and memories created.

At Martin’s, we understand the importance of family, strong values, and high-quality ingredients—it’s what we were founded on. We believe that every meal should feel like it’s straight from the heart of Grandma’s kitchen.

That’s why we’re overjoyed to introduce to you the newest member of our bread family: Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread.


Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread

Our new split-top Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread is made with 100% real butter, high protein wheat flour, nonfat milk, real cane sugar, and other high-quality ingredients. While it’s perfect right out of the out of the bag, you can also enjoy it in sandwiches, casseroles, and bread puddings, or with a simple coating of jam or butter.

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Butter Bread lets you reminisce on the “good ol’ days” while enjoying the same great taste and high quality that you love and expect from Martin’s. Just like those irreplaceable moments we share with our family around the table, it is so much more than a meal.

It’s no secret that bread has brought people together throughout history—it’s been around for thousands of years and has woven its way into generations of traditions. We hope you join us in the tradition of “breaking bread” together with your friends and family by inviting Martin’s new Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread into your home.

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When you enjoy Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread, you can rest assured that you’re serving your family a high-quality, great tasting product that’s carefully crafted and complete with Grandma’s secret ingredient: love!

Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread hit grocery store shelves along the East Coast today, January 2nd! Next time you’re in the grocery store, make sure to look for it among our other bread and roll products and give it a try. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

For more information about Martin’s Old Fashioned Butter Bread, visit https://potatorolls.com/products/butter-bread.

Check out what some of our fans are already saying about this great new product!

“We had the new Butter Bread and it’s the freshest bread ever and has great butter flavor. We fell in love and we’re ready for more. Really did beat out other breads in taste. Give it a try!!! You will be hooked too.”

“Words cannot describe how awesome it is! It is great right out of the bag, toasted, and grilled cheese is out of this world. Can’t wait to try it for mountain pies.”

“It’s a home run!! Smells like Grandma’s house.”

“It’s amazing!!! Can’t wait for more. It has such great flavor!!!”

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  • Michele B. says:

    I am a couponer and I would like to know if there’s any coupons for your products that I am missing in my Sunday papers? I would like to see if I’m missing when they’re put out I appreciate your help in this! Have a great 2017

    Thank you

  • Annette H. says:

    I live is South Carolina would like to know where I can purchase Martin’s Bread?
    Thank You

  • Laura C. says:

    I usually purchase a different brand of butter bread at my local grocery store. This past Tuesday, I noticed Martin’s brand that was on a stand-alone display and thought I’d try it out (I didn’t realize it was a new product, just figured I had missed it before since I wasn’t really looking to switch brands). Holy moly. This bread is LIFE. Each slice is a good 1/4 inch thicker than the other brand and the taste is exceptional. I’m officially hooked! Thanks for making this product and I look forward to including this as a new must have in my kitchen!

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Laura!

      Thank you for giving our new Butter Bread a try! We’re so glad to hear you’re a new fan of the product and are looking to add it to your kitchen essentials. 🙂 We love hearing feedback from customers like you. I will pass your praise along to our hardworking team.

      Becky V; Marketing Coordinator

  • Zaida G. says:

    I got this bread [by mistake] one day I sent a client to get me a loaf a bread. And let me just say it’s the best bread I’ve had since bakery fresh bread. I can only imagine how awesome it is right out the oven. Keep doing a great job. It was best mistake I had happened that day. Blessings

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Zaida! What a happy accident! Thank you for giving our bread a try and for the kind message. We always love hearing feedback from our customers.

      –Becky; Marketing Coordinator

  • Linda F. says:

    I’ve tried the newest Butter loaf, it’s great, fresh and soft all the way through….it’s just my husband and I so we don’t go through bread very fast….but your loaf stays fresh , I like the smaller loaf otherwise we waste bread…..Thanks again for making a great product….

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Linda, We’re so glad you enjoy our new Butter Bread! Thank you for giving it a try and for the kind feedback.

      –Becky; Marketing Coordinator

  • Gloria S. says:

    I grew up in Connecticut and the bread of choice to make a Fluffernutter Sandwich was Wonder (back in the 60s, 70s and 80s it was very fresh and soft, the kind that stuck to the roof of your mouth.) Now it tastes like day old bread.

    I use your potato rolls and buns all the time, just the right softness with a hint of sweetness, perfect. I saw the butter bread on your site and had to try it. Well let me tell you, it’s ten times better than the other bread. I have actually had sandwiches for breakfast the past two days and lunch too. Tuna is fantastic on it, LOL. The best have been my pb&jam and my fluffernutter.

    Thanks for not only having the greatest bread around but also giving me the sweetest childhood memories.

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Gloria, Thank you for the kind words! We are so happy you enjoy our Butter Bread and are glad we could remind you of your childhood. One of the reasons we chose to call the product “Old-Fashioned” Butter Bread was because we felt the product brings a certain sense of nostalgia, so your comment certainly resonates with us. We are grateful for customers like you who are so supportive of our company and products. Thank you for being a fan!

      –Becky; Marketing Coordinator

  • John S. says:

    I bought a loaf of the butter bread and it brought me back to the bread my mom used to make. Will definitely keep on buying it. Y’all at martins have a true customer for life

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi John! We’re so glad to hear you enjoy our Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread. Thank you for being such a fan and for reaching out! We always love hearing from our customers.

      –Becky; Marketing Coordinator

  • Ed S. says:

    This bread makes the best French Toast I have ever made. Just the right texture and taste is unbelievable. THANKS

  • C.M. says:

    I more or less grew up in Iceland where bakery bread back in the 70s 80s was the only bread available. Well, when back in the states I still continued to buy bakery bread because I could only remember what store-bought brands tasted like (yuck) in comparison. Wow, then I tried your butter bread and I almost keeled over by the extraordinary Great Flavor and Texture. Kudos! 🤗

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