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Final Summer Hurrah

August 31, 2015
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Next Monday is Labor Day which marks the “unofficial” end of summer. Use these last few weeks to take advantage of the warmer weather by planning a picnic or family barbecue! Enjoy time with your friends and family before schedules are full of meetings, school activities, and sports games.

Close out your summer with Martin’s Potato Rolls! What better way to celebrate the past few months than enjoying some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs? Below are some summer grilling recipes perfect for your Labor Day celebration. Click on the photos to see the recipes.


Old Bay Burger

This Maryland-themed burger packs a ton of flavor and spice, making you think you’re beside the Bay!


Smokehouse Burger

A jumbo burger topped with smoky barbecue sauce and an onion ring; what could be better?!


Hot Dogs

Ditch Dogs

These hot dogs, based on Marc Murphy’s restaurant Ditch Plains, combine two great comfort foods into one tasty dish!

Chicago Dog

These Chicago-style hot dogs may look like they’ve been “dragged through the garden” since they’re topped with all sorts of vegetables, but we can all agree it makes for a delicious combination!


Vegetarian and Alternative Options

Portobello Burger

You won’t miss the meat in this vegetarian dish! The hearty mushroom flavor combined with a tangy sauce adds plenty of depth.


Black Bean Burger

This black bean patty incorporates a plethora of unique flavors from molasses to barbecue sauce, which anyone can enjoy!


Turkey Burger

This summer specialty is made California-style with fresh flavors like avocado and tomato to help you make good use of the season’s produce.


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