5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)

Bread Storage “Dos and Don’ts”

by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Are you wondering the best way to store bread or rolls to keep them as fresh as possible? Maybe you’ve heard conflicting advice from friends or the internet and want to clear up the confusion? We feel your pain; it’s always a shame to see delicious bread go to waste. And we want to make sure you get to enjoy your Martin’s® bread and rolls down to the last crumb.

We hope this expansive list of bread storage tips, or “do and don’ts,” will help to answer your questions. Our bread lasts a long time if stored properly, and we want you to enjoy yours as long as possible!

What is the Best Way to Store Bread?

The best way to store bread is at room temperature in a dark, dry, cool location such as a pantry, drawer, or bread box. We also recommend keeping our bread sealed in its original packaging, as this will help retain its moisture. If you no longer have the original packaging, try wrapping the bread in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Do not store bread on top of appliances that generate heat or emit light, such as microwaves or refrigerators. The heat from these appliances could cause the bread to dry out more quickly or cause condensation to build up inside the bag, causing the bread to mold.

Can I Store Bread in the Refrigerator?

We would not recommend storing bread in the refrigerator as this actually makes it go stale faster. The cold temperatures of the refrigerator draw out the moisture in bread and can make it stale up to three times faster, due to a process known as “retrogradation.”

Can I Freeze Bread?

Because of their high protein content, Martin’s® rolls and bread freeze very well. Freezing bread lowers the temperature enough to prevent bread from getting stale. This is a great alternative if you live in a high-humidity environment, or if you have extra product left over and it is nearing the best-by date.

Freeze the bread in its original packaging or wrapped in plastic freezer bags or heavy aluminum foil. When ready to use, be sure to thaw the product completely in the bag before opening it, so the moisture all gets reabsorbed into the bread.

What is the Best Way to Transport Bread?

When transporting your bread from the grocery store, it is best to keep it in a separate bag and on top of the other items in your cart. Our bread is very soft and can be easily squished. This rule also applies to storing your bread at home—do not stack other items (including others loaves) on top of your bread.

How Should I Store Bread During a Party or Event?

It is best to keep the bread sealed in its original packaging, or at least covered, until ready to serve. This prevents it from drying out too quickly.

How Should I Store Bread When Outdoors?

When eating outdoors, try not to let your bread sit under direct sunlight or intense heat. This can cause condensation to build up inside the bag, allowing it to get stale quicker or to mold. Try to keep your bread in the shade or in a dark, dry, cool location whenever possible.

How Can I Tell if My Bread is Still Good?

You can find the best-by date for each product on the packaging clip (or printed on the bag in the case of Potatobred Stuffing). Keep in mind that the product should last longer than that date if you practice the proper storing tips mentioned above.

What Should I Do With Stale Bread?

Don’t throw it away! Check out these great ways to use up leftover or stale bread.

Recap: Bread Storage Tips – Dos and Don’ts



Store in a dark, dry, cool location Store on top of appliances that generate heat
Keep wrapped in its original packaging Store in the refrigerator
Store in freezer to extend shelf life Stack other items on top of bread
Keep covered or sealed in packaging Keep out in the open air
Look for the best-by date on the package Let sit under direct sunlight or intense heat
Repurpose stale bread with creative recipes Throw out stale bread



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  • Karen R. says:

    I will not purchased any bread. Except Martin’s Butter Bread. I’m so addicted to it. Now I would like to see the rolls made with butter bread also.

    • Julie Martin says:

      Hi Karen!
      We’re thrilled that you’re a fan of our newest product: Martin’s Real Butter Bread! I love it too! Yummy! And thanks for the suggestion of making butter bread rolls too. I don’t know if it’s something we could do or not, but we always like hearing suggestions from our customers. Thanks for reading our blog and for your loyal support of our products!
      Julie Martin

  • Elaine L. says:

    I usually do not finish a loaf of bread before it gets stale, or hard. Until I found your delicious, soft potato bread. It is wonderful. I will only buy your potato bread now.

    One day I was in a grocery store that was out of your bread, so I bought another well known brand name potato bread. Never again. It does not measure up to the softness of your bread.

    Then one day I saw your raisin bread. Oh my! It is so good, it is almost sinful. A loaf just disappears in no time. The only problem I only find it at 1 Food Depot and only 2 loaves are on the shelf until I take them home. Do you have plans for wide spread distribution?
    I also love the hotdog and hamburger buns. Thank You.

    • Julie Martin says:

      Hi Elaine!
      It’s nice to hear from someone who’s so passionate about our bread! Thank you so much!
      If you let me know where you’re from, or at least where the Food Depot is that carries our Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread, I can try to find out if there are any other stores in your area that carry it and/or see if that store could put more on the shelf. In the meantime, you could also put in a request with the store manager to have them stock more as well. (Just a suggestion. 🙂 )
      Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve you with the best bread we can!
      Julie Martin

  • Ken M. says:

    Sorry, but a hot dog is NOT a hot dog unless it is nestled in a Martins Potato roll! End of sentence!


    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Ken! We’d have to agree with you there! Thank you for reading our blog and for being such a great fan of Martin’s!

      –Becky; Marketing Coordinator

  • Lorri M. says:

    We buy only Martin’s Potato Bread, Hot Dog Rolls, Hamburger Rolls, Sliders & Dinner Rolls. We’ve been eating Martin’s for as long as I can remember. It last way past the “best by date.”
    Our problem is we started traveling out West for 6-10 months at a time and there is nothing that compares to Martin’s. Any plans to distribute on the west coast like AZ, NV, OR, WA, WY, MT, SD, etc?

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Lorri,
      Thank you for being a fan our bread and rolls! Some day we hope to be in all the places you mentioned, but unfortunately we do not have plans for those areas at present. In the meantime, you can purchase products from our online store by going to https://potatorolls.com/find-us. If you are located outside our distribution area, you will be redirected to our online store where you can purchase the products and have them shipped to you. Remember, our products freeze very well due to the high protein content. Just thaw at room temperature with the bag closed for best results.
      Becky V; Marketing Coordinator

  • Ed M. says:

    A friend dropped off a bag of hamburger buns, now I can’t wait until my order of more of them show up. Presently living in a boarding house with a few more guys, we’re all waiting for my order. Depending on delivery time, money, and appetites we’ll be ordering more.

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks so much for being a fan of our products! We hope your order arrives soon so you can enjoy more Martin’s rolls with your friends! Did you order them through our online store?

      Becky V; Marketing Coordinator

  • Sylvia E. says:

    Hi Martins

    How long can bread be frozen and used after its sell by date?

  • reholmes says:

    Why does potato bread stay fresh longer, much longer, than regular bread?

  • Paul B. says:

    Great product

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