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April Fools’ Day

March 28, 2016
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Everyone could use a little laughter in their life; it’s a good thing this Friday is April Fools’ Day! If you’re looking for the perfect practical joke, try tricking your friends and family with some fun fake-out foods. The three recipes below all look like something they’re not – see if you can tell what they are before reading the descriptions. Then, make them for someone else and see if you can fool them. Don’t forget to say, “April Fools!”


Dessert Dog

dessert dog

This one may not be fooling anyone, but it is a fun snack idea for kids! Place a peeled banana in a Martin’s Long Potato Roll, and top with fun condiments like peanut butter (Dijon mustard), strawberry jelly (ketchup), raisins, or peanuts. See what else you can find that resembles traditional hot dog toppings – maybe diced kiwi as relish, or sliced cherries as tomatoes?

“French Fries”

April Fools French Fries

Swap the sea salt for cinnamon sugar in this look-a-like “French fries” recipe! It’s simple to make and just as delicious. Just slice Martin’s Potato Bread into thin strips, deep fry, and roll in cinnamon sugar. Then serve them with strawberry jelly as the “ketchup.”

“Crab Cakes”

April Fools Crab Cake

There’s nothing “fishy” about these crab cakes – they’re actually fried ice cream with coconut-breadcrumb coating. Serve them with a side of faux “tartar sauce,” which is actually made with white chocolate, pistachios, and citrus zest! Just be sure to enjoy them before they melt (or swim) away!

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