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50 New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Want to Quit

December 30, 2019
12 min. read

New Year's 2020

How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution only to give up on it (or forget about it) a few weeks or months later? That’s alright—it happens to the best of us.

Often times we resolve to reach a goal or accomplish a task that ends up not being sustainable for very long. We fall short and decide to quit prematurely, or we get frustrated when we don’t see the results we are hoping for, or we simply get distracted by the world around us. But this does not mean we shouldn’t set resolutions. We just need a better strategy.

Why not try focusing on one small, achievable thing each day? It can be as simple as making a healthy meal choice, getting more sleep, or taking a short walk during your lunch break. These tasks are easy to accomplish and can help boost your motivation. Once you’ve gotten into a routine of making healthy choices, you can feel empowered to set harder goals for yourself.

The most common resolutions typically revolve around health and wellness. Well, whole-body wellness is about more than just physical fitness; it also involves our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing among other things. So rather than just focusing on a number on the scale, look for ways to improve in every area of your life.

Our list of 50 simple resolutions that are easily achievable can help you start the New Year right. Choose one task each day and see where it takes you!

  1. Practice portion control when dining out.
  2. Restaurant portion sizes can be much larger than necessary. The next time you are eating out, consider splitting your plate into more manageable portions or immediately transferring half to a takeout container. If attending a party or event, try using a smaller plate to prevent yourself from serving more food than you need.

    Try these Veggie Pizza Bites for a healthy snack idea!

    Veggie Pizza Bites

  3. Do 10 reps of a strength training exercise such as push-ups.
  4. If you aren’t used to high-intensity exercises, start small with a few reps of a basic exercise such as push-ups, sit-ups, or squats. Don’t overwork yourself; as you grow in strength, you will be able to increase the resistance or repetitions later.

  5. Tidy up your living space.
  6. A clean home or office can be the first step to a clear mind. By removing clutter from your living space you can eliminate distractions and help improve your focus and sense of peace.

  7. Get rid of something you don’t need; donate it.
  8. We all have things lying around the house that we no longer use, from clothing to old books or movies to forgotten toys and games. Start small and find one thing you can get rid of, then donate it to a thrift store or someone in need. Your item will be of more use to someone else and giving it away helps to declutter your home at the same time.

  9. Eat 3+ servings of fruits and/or vegetables of 3 different colors in a single day.
  10. If you’ve heard the phrase “eat the rainbow,” this is a way to put it into action. Different colored fruits and vegetables tend to offer different beneficial nutrients. So, being more aware of how many colors you are consuming can help ensure you getting enough variety in your diet.

    Check out our blog post, Nutrition Tips: Eat More Veggies for some tips and recipe ideas.

    Hummus Vegetable Sandwich

  11. Spend some quiet time reading a favorite book or just relaxing.
  12. We all need a break from the busyness once in a while. Rest your mind by getting lost in a good book.

  13. Complete 12-15 reps of an exercise 3 times in one week.
  14. Try a new exercise and replicate it several times in one week. Record your progress and see if you are able to increase your reps (or add additional sets) as you grow stronger.

  15. Offer encouragement to someone today.
  16. We could all use a little inspiration now and then. Reach out to someone with a compliment or word of encouragement today.

  17. Find a new hobby (or rediscover an old one).
  18. Finding time for yourself amongst life’s busyness can be crucial to your wellbeing. Set aside time today (even if it’s only 30 minutes) to do something you enjoy; attend a cooking class, paint a picture, build something, or play a favorite sport.

  19. Perform 10-15 minutes of walking or cardio in a day.
  20. If you’re not a fan of cardiovascular exercise, start small with a few minutes of walking each day. Next, repeat this several times per week or increase the amount of time each day.

  21. Eat a half plate of fruits and veggies.
  22. Aim for a balanced plate with 4 portions—one each of grains, protein, fruit, and vegetables to ensure you are getting all the recommended food groups.

    Looking for a healthy lunch idea? Try this Turkey and Veggie Sandwich with a side of raw veggies.

    Turkey Veggie Sandwich 2

  23. Go to bed early.
  24. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important to your overall health. If you often struggle with this, pick one night to turn in early so you’re sure to feel rested for the day ahead.

  25. Reach out to or reconnect with an old friend.
  26. It can be hard to stay in touch with people as we go through different stages in life. Foster your social health by reconnecting with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

  27. Complete a food or exercise log; track your progress.
  28. Keep track of your daily meals or exercises using a chart or mobile app, then see how your progress compares to the goals you set or how it trends over time.

  29. Get a good night’s sleep (7-8 hours).
  30. Like we said, sleep is important. Count back the hours from when you have to wake up and try to get close to 8 hours of sleep. Do this every day for a week and see if you can feel a difference in your energy levels or restfulness during the day.

  31. Try a new fruit or veggie.
  32. Check out your local farmers market or produce center and pick out something you’ve never tried before—you might find a new favorite!

    Check out our Farm to Table blog for some fresh recipe ideas.

    Basil Blackberry Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  33. Perform 5 random acts of kindness in a day.
  34. Kindness is good for the soul! When we focus on making others happy, it makes us more empathetic and can even boost our own mood as well.

  35. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.
  36. During your next shopping trip, try shopping the “perimeter” of the store, which typically consists of fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, deli, bakery, and dairy sections. In other words, skip the snack aisle and prepared foods which tend to be less healthy.

  37. Spend an evening technology-free.
  38. Studies have shown that using mobile phones and electronic devices right before bed can have a negative impact on our sleep health. Spend an evening technology-free or make an effort to put the phone down 1 hour prior to bed time to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

  39. Attend a fitness class.
  40. Take the first step to achieving your fitness goals: sign up for an exercise class…then attend it!

  41. Tell someone what’s on your mind.
  42. Sometimes it just helps to talk to a friend, counselor, or mentor about what’s troubling us. Confide in someone or get advice from someone you trust—you may find a weight has been lifted just by sharing your burdens.

  43. Eat a healthy mid-morning snack.
  44. Do you get hungry in between breakfast and lunch? Pack a healthy snack such as fresh fruit, carrots, or yogurt to snack on between meals. This can also be a great way to balance out your meals.

    Try “Protein Poppers” such as mini peanut butter pockets for your mid-morning snack.

    Peanut Butter Pockets

  45. Practice deep breathing or “mindfulness.”
  46. When you feel stressed, it can help to close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths. By focusing on your breathing and external surroundings, you can take your mind off of your troubles for a few minutes. Try this a few times a day if you often feel stressed or anxious.

  47. Take a walking lunch break.
  48. Get away from your desk or work area and get a little exercise in the process—a double win!

  49. Find a reason to smile.
  50. Don’t take life too seriously. Find things to smile about throughout your day or make an effort to see the bright side in a difficult situation.

  51. Make someone else smile.
  52. Just as important—brighten someone else’s day with a kind word or gesture. You never know who is having a bad day and a simple act can go a long way.

  53. Swap a junk food or sweet for a healthier alternative.
  54. The next time you are craving a snack, make a conscious effort to grab something healthy; swap potato chips with veggies and dip, or cookies for an apple or banana.

    Check out some Healthy Burger Alternatives here.

    Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

  55. Stand up and stretch every hour.
  56. If your job has you sitting for most of the day, be sure to stand up and stretch your legs or take a short walk for at least a minute every hour or so.

  57. Forgive someone.
  58. Life’s too short to hold a grudge. Think of something you may be holding onto and let it go.

  59. Think of something you’re grateful for every morning.
  60. Gratefulness is life-bringing. Start a list of things you’re thankful for. Add to it each day and track your happiness or overall attitude over time.

  61. Pick one essential nutrient to focus on in a single day.
  62. Pick a vitamin, mineral, or other essential nutrient to focus on each day; try to incorporate it into at least one meal.

    Click here for a list of 16 essential nutrients to help fuel your body.

    Smoked Salmon Sliders

  63. Park a little further away.
  64. It can be hard to get enough exercise during the work week—try simple tricks to increase your steps like parking further away at work or the grocery store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

  65. Meet a friend for lunch or coffee.
  66. Be social. Text a friend or colleague you haven’t see in a while and ask them to grab lunch. A change of pace and a bit of conversation can be a great mood-booster.

  67. Skip sugary beverages for a day.
  68. Be mindful of how much sugar you’re consuming in your daily drinks. Drink only water, tea, or coffee (with little or no sugar) for a day (i.e., no soda or sugary juices).

  69. Do 20 jumping jacks or sit-ups.
  70. Find a few extra minutes in your day to fit in some high-intensity cardio or simple strength training activities.

  71. Listen to your favorite music.
  72. Music is a great mood-booster. Put on your favorite song or some soothing music during your morning commute or as you unwind after a busy day.

  73. Try a new healthy recipe.
  74. If you’re stuck in a rut with your meal planning or dieting efforts, look up a new recipe or ask a friend. Find new ways to cook healthy ingredients so you don’t get bored of the same old thing.

    Try this simple recipe for Panzanella Salad in a Jar.

    Panzanella in a Jar

  75. Say “no” to a social event or function you don’t feel like attending.
  76. It can be tempting to accept every invitation to a social event for fear of missing out (FOMO). But it’s okay to decline and save your spare time for personal hobbies or relaxation.

  77. Try a new exercise.
  78. Whether you’re a fitness novice or a seasoned pro, there are endless exercises and workout variations out there. Find something new to keep your routine from getting boring.

  79. Attend a church service.
  80. Don’t forget about your spiritual wellness. Find a local church or community to be a part of each week.

  81. Set a budget – and find ways to stick to it.
  82. Financial pressures can put a strain on our health as well. Set a budget, then find small ways to achieve it. For example, forego eating out one day for a special home-cooked meal.

  83. Eat 5 servings of vegetables today.
  84. Up your veggie intake to the recommended daily amount.

    Find some veggie-filled sandwich ideas here:

    Vegetable Sandwich with Dill Sauce 3

  85. Stretch for 5 minutes before starting or finishing your day.
  86. Stretching has many benefits, such as decreased muscle stiffness, reduced tension and stress, and improved circulation.

  87. Do something that makes you happy.
  88. Call your best friend, play with your kids, pet your dog or cat, watch a funny movie, or enjoy your favorite meal—spend time doing what makes you happy.

  89. Drink eight 8-oz glasses of water in a day.
  90. Staying hydrated is important—so much of our physical health depends on it. Today, make an effort to drink the recommended amount of water. Then, try it over a longer period of time and track your progress.

  91. Use a mobile device or pedometer to track your steps.
  92. You may not achieve 10,000 steps every day (or even anywhere close) but start small by tracking how many steps you do get. Then find simple ways to increase the number each day.

  93. Make a healthy ingredient substitution.
  94. Calorie counting can be a tedious affair, but you can still be conscientious about what you are eating. Consider healthy swaps occasionally, such as greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise or ground turkey instead of beef.

    Get some healthy meal ideas using ingredient substitutions here:

    Waldorf-Style Tuna Salad on Toast

  95. Treat yourself to a spa day.
  96. Take some time to relax and pamper yourself; take a warm bath or get a facial or massage—treat yourself to something special that helps you relax and feel refreshed.

  97. Volunteer.
  98. Spend a day helping out at a local charity or community function.

  99. Learn a new skill.
  100. Work toward a personal achievement or career goal in a manageable way by spending a few minutes each day improving your knowledge or practicing a new skill.


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