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14 Types of People Who Love Martin’s

February 14, 2022
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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we’ve been thinking about all of the heart-shaped and love-themed food we’ve made in the last several years. There seems to be no end to the number of things we can cut into a heart shape!

But, this year’s love day blog is shifting focus to something a little different—our fans! If you love Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread, you’re in good company. Over the past several years, we have met so many wonderful folks – chefs, influencers, entrepreneurs, kids, parents – who love using Martin’s Potato Rolls! So, we’re taking some time to share them with you!

And, with that, we present 14 Types of People Who Love Martin’s. Which one are you?


  1. Home Chefs

Valentines Quote 1 - Kass (Philly Food Girl): "Must use @potatorolls."

You don’t have to be a professional chef or Instagram-famous in order to use Martin’s Potato Rolls for your delicious recipes! (Although Kass has quite the Instagram following). Home chefs and restauranteurs alike love our products for burgers, sandwiches, and more!


  1. Influencers

Valentines Quote 2 - @BlondesWhoEat: "The most delicious buns.""

Dallas-based @BlondesWhoEat is one of our many favorite foodie accounts on Instagram, and this particular quote came from an Instagram post when they created copycat Gotham Burger Social Club smash burgers!

[Psst… Speaking of Dallas, have you heard Martin’s Potato Rolls are coming to stores in Dallas in the spring? Learn more here!]


  1. Bloggers

Valentines Quote 3 - @TheButteredGnocchi: "I have an obsession with (Martin's) potato buns and have a hard time not using them."

The Buttered Gnocchi is just one of the talented recipe bloggers who use our rolls for their amazing recipes! After her crispy chicken sandwich on Martin’s Potato Rolls went viral, we discovered all kinds of delicious recipes and beautiful photos from Alicia! Click the link above to check out her recipe for an air fryer chicken sandwich.


  1. Restaurant Owners

Valentines Quote 4 - Diesel and Duke: "It's just the most superior bun on the market. Honestly. There's nothing that really compares to it."

Diesel and Duke is a small burger and chicken sandwich chain located in New Jersey. Every day, they whip up mouthwatering, ‘gram-worthy dishes on Martin’s Potato Rolls.

To learn more, check out Nick Lepore’s feature video on our YouTube channel:


  1. Parents

Valentines Quote 5 - @DinnerAtTheStovers: "Aren't these little Pizza Sliders so cute?? Such a great fast dinner that will make kids AND adults happy!"

Like Lisa, many parent-chefs are busy making delicious meals for their families using Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread! For another example, check out this post from @Grillin_with_Dad!


  1. Pop-Up Business Owners

Valentines Quote 6 - @TedsBurgers: "Best smash burger buns hands down and the only ones we use in house."

Burger chef Ted (of @TedsBurgers) has been steadily gaining popularity and spreading the word about Martin’s Potato Rolls in the Miami area. And what a great testimony are his award-winning smash burgers, served with fried onions, condiments, and melty American cheese atop a Martin’s Sandwich Potato Roll!


  1. Distributors

Valentines Quote 7 - @PotatorollsSverige: "The fluffiest hamburger bun you've ever tasted!"

Did you know Martin’s Potato Rolls are available for food service across the United States and in more than 30 countries internationally? And, it’s all thanks to the dedicated distributors who work hard to supply our products, like @potatorollssverige in Sweden and @potatorollsaustralia in Australia!


  1. People Whose Last Name is Martin

Valentines Quote 8 - Tony Martin: "'The Taste is Golden' means to us that it is a product that is as good as gold. High quality, golden in color, good for you to eat, it just means quality to us."

As a family owned and operated business, each member of the Martin family is also passionate about the business and our delicious bread and rolls. It’s part of the mission of the business to bake the best-tasting bread and rolls—and we take that mission very seriously!

Check out what Tony’s brother Joe has to say about our swirl breads here:


  1. Kids

Valentines Quote 9 - Mark K.'s son holding pack of Martin's Potato Rolls

Check out this story we heard from one of our local distributors, Mark K:

“This week was spirit week in school for my first grade son. On Wednesday, it was “crazy sock day,” and he wanted to wear my Martin’s socks—which I thought was great! In school, all his classmates did not know what Martin’s bread was. My son was floored.

So, today (“wear your favorite hat to school day”), he went off to school armed with a pack of party rolls, and my Martin’s hat. He was so proud when he got home today, that his entire class now has a new favorite bread. Not to mention, I think we picked up 22 new customers!”


  1. Burger Lovers/Experts

Valentines Quote 10 - Mike Puma (Gotham Burger Social Club): "When it comes to buns, there's only one bun I trust with a burger - Martin's Potato Rolls. They're always fresh, they're always soft, and they're delicious."

Mike Puma is the spearhead of the viral burger-lover group, Gotham Burger Social Club. Based in NYC, Mike and his team have built quite a buzz around their viral social media page as well as their regular burger pop-up events.

Learn more here:


  1. Martin’s Employees

Valentines Quote 11 - Dawn N.: “I have always appreciated how Lloyd [Martin] and Jim [Martin] ask about family and stop and talk to you. Martin’s also provides great benefits for their employees. They want to take care of you through benefits. They want you and your families to be taken care of.”

Check out more great reasons why our dedicated employees love working at Martin’s in our Family Owned and Operated blog post here:

Interesting in working for Martin’s? Check out all our benefits and open positions at!


  1. Food Journalists

Valentines Quote 12 - Aliza Ganz: "Martin's Long Potato Rolls have the perfect blend of flexibility and strength. They're chewy and soft (never crumbly), which make for an excellent hot dog hammock."

We were honored to find that our Long Rolls had won the hot dog bun taste test conducted by The Kitchn writer, Aliza Ganz! And even more honored when we read what she wrote about our Big Marty’s rolls for the hamburger bun category:

“Surprise, surprise: Martin’s takes home another W, this time for the hamburger bun category. But there’s a twist: While I loved their classic potato rolls, I fell even harder for Big Marty’s… These are not potato rolls (they don’t contain any potato like the more famous Martin’s rolls and buns), and I really appreciated that the crumb was a little wider. Bigger crannies mean condiments can cocoon in there. And then, while some buns can get a little too soggy if you go heavy on the condiments, these held up.”


  1. International Restaurant Owners

Valentines Quote 13 - Hi-5 Burgers: "Martin's has been setting the gold standard for potato rolls since the introduction of Martin's Sandwich Potato Rolls."

As previously mentioned, you can find Martin’s Potato Rolls in restaurants internationally! Hi-5 Burgers, one of those international customers, is located in Canada and using our rolls for their hot dogs, burgers, and chicken sandwiches!


  1. Fans Like You!

Valentines Quote 14 - Various Quotes from Fans

As much as we love when our rolls grab the attention of international restauranteurs, popular influencers, and professional chefs, Martin’s wouldn’t be successful without the support of people like you—choosing our products at the grocery store each week. That’s why we love hearing what you have to say about us! Check out some of our favorite quotes above.

Have a comment or quote you want to share with us? Connect with Martin’s on social media!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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