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Mediterranean Turkey Panini


Martin's Whole Wheat Potato Bread

Fresh Tomato Slices

Handful of Fresh Spinach Leaves

Crumbled Feta Cheese

Sliced Deli Turkey

Salt and Pepper

For Garlic Aioli:

2 Cloves Garlic

1/2 Cup Mayonnaise

1/8 Teaspoon Salt

1/4 Tablespoon Lemon Juice


Step 1

Create the garlic aioli by mincing the garlic. When the garlic is finely minced, sprinkle salt over it. Use the flat part of a large knife to smash the garlic around and form it into a paste. Stir garlic paste into mayo, then stir in lemon juice. Keep refrigerated until ready to use.

Step 2

Heat a grill pan to medium heat.

Step 3

Assemble the sandwiches by layering turkey, spinach leaves, fresh slices of tomato that have been lightly salt and peppered, and feta on the bread.

Step 4

Grill the sandwich on a grill pan or in a panini press until the outside is crisp, and the sandwich is heated through.

Step 5

Spread the homemade garlic aioli (about 1/2 tablespoon) that you made in step 1 on the top slice of bread.

Step 6

Cut in half on a diagonal and serve immediately.