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Grilled Cheese “Pull-Aparts”

10 Mins


12 Martin’s Sweet Party Potato Rolls (1 Pack)

White American Cheese

Optional Toppings – like pickles, tomatoes


Serves: 4-6


Step 1

Cut the entire sheet of buns in half, leaving them connected to each other. Flip them inside out and brush the cut sides with butter.

Step 2

Stack a double-layer of American cheese and optional toppings on the rounded “bun” side.

Step 3

Grill until cheese is melted and bread is toasted to your liking.

Just a note: be sure to use a moderately hot griddle when cooking the grilled cheese. The thick, dense bread needs time to heat up enough to melt the cheese. You don’t want the exterior to get too dark before the cheese is melted!

Step 4

Finished grilled cheese can be pulled apart into little sandwiches! Serve with some soup or fruit for a wholesome meal.

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