The Best Hamburger Buns You Can Buy in the Store

Epicurious |2019

​"Perhaps you've visited a food site on the internet in the past 10 years and already know that Martin's Potato Rolls are generally touted as the end-all-be-all of sandwich buns. In our testing we found, unsurprisingly, that the hype is warranted. We compared Martin's to five other potato rolls in a blind taste test and, despite a few worthy challengers, they came out definitively on top."

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On the legend of Martin’s Potato Rolls, the unassuming buns that took over the culinary community

National Post |2019

'Martin's Potato Rolls are truly the best and there is no substitute'

"Every burger, shrimp salad and fried chicken sandwich served on a Martin’s Potato Roll provides a welcome reminder that great food needn’t be expensive or complicated. Sometimes the simplest ingredients are capable of producing the greatest results."

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How Martin’s Potato Rolls Became the ‘It’ Burger Bun

Eater |2017

“The answer is a combination of a few factors: there’s the Shake Shack effect, surely, but the global reach of Martin’s potato rolls has also been fueled by nostalgia and the power of internet word-of-mouth..."

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FM Burger Opens This Fall. How Does It Taste?

Houstonia Mag |2016

“After experimenting for months with house-made buns, the chef decided on the best: good old Martin’s Famous potato rolls. The result is a meaty patty that melts with the sweet, soft bun, tangy sauce and layer of American cheese..."

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Martin’s All-American Story is World Famous

PR Newswire |2017

“Martin's Famous Potato Rolls and Bread are becoming world famous as the American family owned and operated company, Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc., located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is now exporting to more than 20 countries. Already the number one selling hamburger roll in America, Martin's soft, pillowy, buttery potato roll is gaining traction in countries around the world including United Arab Emirates, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, and Saudi Arabia..."

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