10 Best Burgers in Miami

miaminewtimes.com |2024

What do 5 of the 10 restaurants on this list have in common? They use Martin's Rolls for their burgers. Give them a try!

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Meat Your Match With This Guide to the Best Burgers in Los Angeles

localemagazine.com |2024

Check out this article that includes 7 of the 12 best burgers in Los Angeles being served on Martin's Potato Rolls!

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The Best And Worst Hamburger Buns To Buy At The Grocery Store

chowhound.com |2024

No. 1: Martin's Potato Rolls

"Our favorite burger buns tend to be potato rolls thanks to the flavor and texture and Martin's is the gold standard. These buns are light and fluffy but still hefty enough to hold up to a big burger plus all the fixings. The inside is particularly soft and complements meaty burgers well. Thanks to tender potato flour in the recipe, Martin's potato rolls have a springy, softness, as well as a distinct buttery taste that carries through from the soft interior to the golden top..."

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Cheeseburger Lovers Need To Try These 30 Epic Spins On The Classic

forbes.com |2023

"The Gotham Burger Social Club’s owner Mike Puma specializes in Oklahoma-style burgers. The Gotham Smash is a special blend smashed on a flat top grill by Mike, producing a nice crispy exterior, with grilled onions (Oklahoma style) mixed in with American cheese, melted on top, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and Gotham Burger’s own blend of special sauce on a Martin’s Famous Potato Roll. “Gotham Smash evokes memories of the burgers I grew up on, using the best ingredients we can find. And after serving hundreds of thousands of burgers over the years, I’m excited for guests to 'join the club' at our new opening,” said owner Mike Puma."

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Hamburger expert George Motz walks us through how to cook the perfect hamburger

themanual.com |2023

"Perhaps the best overall bun is Martin’s potato roll. The potato roll has a great flavor that’s sturdier and less sweet than classic white buns. This sturdiness also allows the potato roll to maintain its structural integrity without being too hard."

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