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Springtime Fun

April 20, 2015
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Hey everyone! It’s springtime! Time to get out and do some of the things that you’ve been itching to do, but were unable to, during the winter months. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Springtime Activities

  1. Have a Picnic!

    What better way to celebrate the spring than National Picnic Day on April 23!

    The concept of a “picnic” has evolved slightly over the years, but is fairly reminiscent of Victorian garden parties. In the 19th century, a picnic was a potluck-style social gathering in which everyone had a part in preparing the event. There was often music and other entertainment in addition to the meal. Today, a picnic is typically a casual meal enjoyed with others, often outside.

    No matter what your perfect “picnic” looks like, the important thing is that you have one! Get together with family and friends and make use of the beautiful outdoors! (Or if weather doesn’t permit, have one in your home or under a pavilion.) Grab a basket, make some fresh-squeezed orange juice and some sandwiches, and celebrate spring!

  2. Get Outside.

    The weather is finally warming up, so make use of all that energy you have stored up from being inside all winter! Pick any activity you enjoy and get outdoors for some fresh air! Take advantage of the nicer weather to be more active; it may also help improve your mood!

    Go for a walk or jog, eat a meal on your front porch, play in the yard, or take a trip to the zoo! If you have to be indoors, open some windows to let in some fresh spring air.

  3. Plant a Garden.

    “April showers bring May flowers.” Use this to your advantage by planting flowers and watching them grow over the next few weeks and months! If you already have flowers in your yard, pick a few and make a nice, floral bouquet for your home.

    Now is also a great time to plant some herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Check to see what’s in season and plant accordingly. Once they’re grown, pick them and discover some great new recipes. Nothing says springtime (and summertime!) more than fresh fruit and veggies!

  4. Go to a Baseball Game.

    Baseball season began on April 5, 2015. Celebrate America’s favorite pastime by getting tickets to see your favorite team play! Don’t forget to enjoy a hotdog and some peanuts!

  5. Take a Trip.

    If you can’t find anything fun to do at home, take a day trip on the weekend to some place nearby. Visit a local park and fly kites, go for a hike on a woodsy trail, go camping and explore the wildlife, or visit a local zoo.

  6. Do Some Spring Cleaning.

    This one may not sound fun, but you’ll sure feel better once your house is orderly. Open windows and play some music while you work to let in some spring air. Take some time one weekend to have everyone sort through neglected drawers and closet spaces. Make a pile of clothes, toys, and other items to give away.

    Later that weekend or the next, take the items to a charity shop or set up a yard sale! It’s always great when someone else can make use of the items you no longer need.

Lastly, we hope that as you do the activities mentioned above–camping, hiking, picnicking, attending a ballgame–that you’ll include Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread in your adventures!


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