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Resolution Champions: Broad Street Run

May 6, 2015
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Broad Street Run

On May 1 – 3rd Martin’s was a sponsor of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA. We had a booth at the Health and Wellness Expo where runners go to pick up their race bibs and information, purchase any last-minute running gear, and get awesome free stuff from sponsors like us. In addition, we had a booth at The Navy Yard, which is where runners are sent after completing the 10-mile race. At both booths we handed out make-your-own-peanut-butter-bread kits as well as other Martin’s logoed items!

Katie’s Run

Here is an update from our Resolution Champion, Katie, about her experience at the race, which was the culmination of a New Year’s Resolution she made:

Going into the run, I was quite nervous. After the Martin’s “Go for YOUR Goal” campaign ended in March and I stopped blogging, I began to slack off a bit with my workout regimen. I started to run less because of traveling for work, making up excuses (and frankly just being sick of running), and I basically quit my Nike workout video altogether. Yet I was still very confident that I would be able to finish the race (despite my longest run prior to the race being 8 miles).

The entire day was quite exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. The Broad Street Run boasts over 40,000 runners. So everything you do from taking the subway to the start line, having to use the port-a-potty prior to the race, gear checking your bags on the gear bus, lining up in the corrals, etc., you do with thousands of other people.

The race started out great. My boyfriend and I were keeping a steady pace, weaving in and out of people to pass them, taking in all the sights along the inner-city course. The streets were lined with countless spectators cheering, playing music, holding up sometimes hilarious signs, and extending their hands for high fives. It really was exhilarating.

My first hiccup occurred at the first Gatorade Station. I feel like I should’ve thought the whole “running and drinking” thing through a little bit more prior to holding up a full, open cup of liquid to my face and attempting to drink. Yet instead I just went for it and ending up sloshing Gatorade all over my face and into my left eye. For the record, Gatorade burns.

Up until mile 4 I was feeling terrific and holding my goal pace of 9 minutes per mile. It was here, though, that my knees started to ache. Thankfully miles 4-6 are really the heart of the race, and therefore contained the most spectators and coolest sights, like getting to run around City Hall. All these distractions helped me to push through the pain in my knees.

Then around mile 7.5 my left knee literally just locked up. It basically was like “nope, I’m not running anymore.” Throughout my whole life as an athlete I have never really experienced a pain that I was unsure if I could push through or not. Within seconds I was walking. I started freaking out a bit and asking my boyfriend what I could do. I tried stretching, and walking for a bit, but every time I tried to start running again I had to stop within seconds.

I became immensely frustrated and upset. I wanted to run. I wanted to finish strong, but my body was refusing. I told my boyfriend to run on without me, because by this point the streets were lined with thousands of spectators as we were nearing the finish line, and I was honestly embarrassed to be walking past them… yet he stayed by my side. I attempted a jog the last ¼ of a mile through the finish area. I ended up finishing 25,022 out of 41,511 with a time of 1:48:34 at an average of 10:51 per mile. Almost 2 minutes off of my goal time.

While I am rather disappointed with my results, I was able to finish the race and complete my goal, and it was still an amazing experience. The running community is truly a vibrant, inspiring group and I’m thankful I got to experience it, even if just for a few short months. Being a very competitive person, I am now torn between training to conquer the Broad Street Run next year and leaving my running career in the past. I guess time will tell!

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