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National Seafood Month | Make it with Seafood

October 17, 2016
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Seafood Lovers rejoice! October is National Seafood Month. If you’ve been afraid to cook seafood at home, or only enjoy it on rare occasions when dining out – look no further. We have some simple and delicious recipes for you to try! (If you still need a hand, take a look at this helpful guide to cooking seafood).

Seafood also contains many beneficial nutrients including protein, various vitamins and minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. The USDA recommends that Americans eat at least 2 servings of seafood a week.

Check your local grocery store for varieties of fresh or frozen seafood and try your hand at some of the recipes below. Make sure to share your #SeafoodMonth pics with us on social media at @potatorolls.



Fresh crabmeat, tossed with mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon juice, seasoned with salt and pepper, then served on buttered and grilled Martin’s Long Potato Rolls with lettuce and a sprinkle of paprika.


Shrimp Rolls

Cooked and cooled shrimp, combined with mayonnaise, celery, scallions, dill, lemon juice, horseradish, red wine vinegar, paprika, salt and pepper, on top of toasted and buttered Martin’s Long Potato Rolls.


Ditch Plains Lobster Roll

Cooked lobster meat, with garlic-Dijon aioli, tarragon, parsley, celery, scallions, Old Bay seasoning, salt and pepper, served on buttered Martin’s Long Potato Rolls. This recipe comes from Chef Marc Murphy and his restaurant, Ditch Plains.


Grilled Fish Sandwich with Avocado

Achiote-and-orange-juice-marinaded mahi mahi, topped with cilantro-lime cabbage slaw, roasted pineapple-jalapeño spread, and sliced avocado, atop Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls.

More Seafood Recipes

Or view our full list of seafood recipes here:

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