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National Poetry Month

April 1, 2019
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Did you know April is National Poetry Month? We’re kicking off the event with a few poems about our love for Martin’s Potato Rolls. We hope you enjoy them! Feel free to submit your own poem in the comments section below, or share it with us on social media.

Update (4/23): Find out the results from Martin’s Poetry Contest at:

*     *     *

Contemplations of a Raving Fan: An Acrostic Poem

M         May we talk about something for a second?

A          All day and night I’ve been dreaming about this bread…

R          Really—I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

T          This morning I awoke with a deep sense of longing;

I           It was as if my bread drawer was calling to me.

N         Now I know that’s absurd, but even so…

S          Something tells me I’ll never let go of this crazy feeling.


P          Pause for a moment and let me explain.

O         One taste of this bread changed everything.

T          To my friends, it might seem a bit unnerving,

A          Always hyper-attentive to the bread I’m serving them.

T          They’ll understand sooner or later, I’m sure.

O         Once they grasp the importance of a bun to its burger.


R          Restart the clock; there’s no time to waste.

O         On behalf of those who have yet to taste the golden roll,

L          Let me share with you a small piece of advice:

L          Little is more satisfying than a nice, juicy burger on a soft, plush bun.

S          Signed: a Potato Bread Fanatic.

*     *     *

1955: A Limerick

There once was a family named Martin

With plans for a bakery just startin’.

From some recipes in a garage,

To farmers markets with a Dodge,

A brave new course they were chartin’.


Ode to Mr. Martin

There once was a famous roll baker,

Who received blessings from his maker.

He made the best bread,

And his family was fed.

He became known as a giver not a taker.


Tales of the “Fun Bakery”

There is a little girl named Fannie who likes to have fun.

She loves telling everyone about the story of the Martin’s bun.

The tales that she tells

Are about the rolls Martin’s sells,

And how their hamburger bun became number one!



There once was a vote in the polls:

Who really had the best rolls?

No one could stop

The winner on top;

Now everyone has “Goals” for Martin’s Potato Rolls.


A Secret to Tell

Potato rolls—your secret would be safe with me,

If you would just share your golden recipe.

It sure would be swell,

And I would not tell;

Just please uncover the great potato rolls mystery.


Potato Roll Recipe

 What better day than today,

To give our secret recipe away?

We mix our special dough,

Line the buns all in a row,

Then we bake them and send them your way!

*     *     *

Medley of 16 Couplets


It fills me with dread
When I run out of bread.


Number One Branded Hamburger Bun,
Not counting the competitions it’s won.


A burger a day
Keeps the hunger at bay.
(Just kidding—you should still eat your vegetables.)


Martin’s Buns are the best;
Just ask your dinner guests.


A Martin’s Potato Roll
Fills up my Soul.


 The key to my heart
is a potato roll from the grocery mart.


 Potato Rolls are “the bomb,”
Just ask your mom.


 A hot dog on a potato roll is hard to beat:
The perfect food for the summer heat.


 The joy of a sandwich unfolds
When you start with Martin’s rolls.


 Roses are red, violets are blue
Potato rolls are golden, and I’d love one or two.


 When you serve it on a Martin’s bun,
Your guests will know they’ve already won.


 Need an accompaniment for the perfect dinner?
Try Martin’s Potato Rolls! #winner


 What’s so great about Martin’s Potato Bread?
It’s delicious and gets your family fed.


 Martin’s Butter Bread is great,
Whether you’re 80 or eight.


 Share your love of Martin’s bread:
Add your rhyme below this thread.


 A burger on a Martin’s bun
Makes my evening so much fun.

*     *     *

Haiku Quintet


Dear Potato Roll,

Could you be any more perfect?

Oh how I love you.


Golden masterpiece—

Juicy burger on soft bun;

Greatest joy in life.


 Eat a Martin’s Roll.

You will not regret when you do.

The Taste is Golden.


 First bite and I’m sold.

Best Butter Bread that I’ve eaten.

It’s really good stuff.


 Every day I need

The Big Marty’s with all the seeds;

The more the better.


Martin’s Poetry Contest

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we partnered with Chambersburg Area School District’s second grade class by inviting them to write sensory poems about Martin’s Potato Rolls. The winning class will earn a “Potato Roll Party!” Be sure to check back later this month to read the top submissions.

Update (4/23): The results are in! To view the top submissions, go to:

Thank you to all the students for your creative and inspiring poems, and congratulations to the three winners and fifteen honorable mentions!


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