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More Than a Meal: Father’s Day

June 12, 2017
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Father’s Day is coming up! Do you have something special planned? This holiday means many things to many people. Some see their dad once a week, others just once a year, and still others may have recently lost their dad or grown up without one. Maybe there are men in your life who you look up to as fatherly role models; maybe you are a father yourself. To every type of dad: here’s to you—Happy Father’s Day!

Whatever your story may be, here are some ideas for making the most out of Father’s Day:

  1. If your dad lives close by (or within a reasonable travel distance), consider making the trip for the special occasion. No matter how often you visit, he would surely love the quality time!
  2. Give him a call: when life gets busy, whether due to multiple commitments or family and work obligations, a simple phone call to let him know you’re thinking about him can truly make Dad’s day!
  3. Honor Dad in your own way. For those who have lost a father figure, this day can be bitter-sweet. If that’s the case for you, consider doing something special in his honor. Maybe you want to visit his favorite recreation spot or have an “all about dad” evening enjoying some of his favorite foods or games. Cherish the happy memories while making new ones.
  4. Host a party: a fun summer get-together at yours or a family member’s house can be a great opportunity to celebrate all the fathers in your life, including extended family, in-laws, friends, or neighbors. Check out our Resource Page for tips on how to host the Ultimate Summer Cookout Party, including theme ideas and printable décor!
  5. Cook him a meal: this weekend (or the next time you see him), consider making Dad his favorite type of food, or try a brand new recipe you think he’ll like! Check out our list of recipes below for some inspiration.

Father’s Day Recipes:

Make Father’s Day more than a meal; make it an all-out celebration and memorable experience! Show Dad your love with a nice sentiment like a card or phone call, and a specially prepared meal that shows you know him so well.

Try these three recipes—one each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Breakfast: Brunch Burger

Who says you can’t have burgers for breakfast? Start Dad’s Day off right with a juicy grilled burger topped with all your classic breakfast fixin’s like a fried egg, crispy bacon, and a maple syrup/mustard aioli!

Brunch Burger

Get the full recipe at:


Lunch: Sausage Hoagie with Peppers and Onions

This simple yet delicious meal is perfect for Sunday lunch or a weeknight supper. Choose mild or hot Italian sausage to your family’s liking, then add slow simmered bell peppers and onions in a quick Italian-seasoned tomato sauce, and serve on Martin’s Hoagie Rolls topped with shredded cheese. Yum!

Sausage Hoagie with Onions and Peppers

Get the full recipe at:


Dinner: Hanger Steak Sandwich

This flavorful sandwich filled with seasoned and seared hanger steak, caramelized onions, peppery arugula, and a mustard-mayonnaise spread, is sure to be one of Dad’s new favorites. Serve on Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls with your favorite side for a fulfilling and appetizing dinner!

Hanger Steak Sandwich

Get the full recipe at:


More Dad-Approved Recipes:


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