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Monthly Burger Series: Surf & Turf Burgers

May 28, 2019
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Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger

It’s [unofficially] summer and we’re celebrating with a perfectly grilled burger topped with all the best the season has to offer. How about some succulent lobster tails? Check. Summer-ripe sweet corn? Check. Juicy peaches, ripe avocado, or fresh basil? Check, check, and check. And let’s not forget the bonus special sauce: a sweet and spicy lemon-brown butter aioli that pairs expertly with both burgers and lobster.

On another note, this burger is perfect for anyone who’s indecisive about their meal selections (*hand raise*). Can’t decide between burgers or seafood? In the mood for both sweet and spicy? Want something indulgent but still fresh-tasting?

Try “all the things” with these ultimate Kick Off the Summer, Sweet-Heat Surf & Turf Burgers:


Sweet-Heat Surf & Turf Summer Burgers

Enjoy the sweet heat of summer with these season-specific burgers topped with lump lobster meat, sweet and spicy aioli, and fresh salsa of corn, peaches, avocado, and jalapenos!

Take a look at the recipe below, then continue reading to learn more about our star ingredients!

Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger


About This Recipe

What’s the best part about this recipe? We can’t pick just one thing! First, there’s the smashed-style burger with that nicely charred crust and still-juicy middle (which may just be our new favorite preparation method). Next, there’s the delicious lemon-brown butter aioli with a hint of heat that was basically made to be paired with lobster. Then, there’s the assortment of fresh summer flavors found in the peach and corn salsa—again with a touch of heat from some diced jalapeno, but still perfectly balanced. Finally, let’s not forget the bun; the soft, plushy nature of the Martin’s Sandwich Potato Roll is the ultimate vehicle for a burger this amazing.

Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger

What’s your favorite element? Here’s the break-down:

{The Burger}

Smashed burgers are the next big “thing” in burgers—just look to the likes of experts like George Motz, Shake Shack, or Hard Times Sundaes. The basic idea is to press down on the ground beef patty immediately after it is added to the hot griddle. This allows for maximum surface area for browning (due to the Maillard reaction). That nice sear or char is a big part of what makes a burger taste so good!

Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger

One key detail is to make sure you only “smash” the burger once at the very beginning. By doing this right away on a hot griddle, it actually seals the juices inside the patty. If you press down on the burger in the middle of cooking it forces the juices to escape, resulting in a dry burger.

Not only is it prime burger season, but this style of burger sings of summer especially because it tastes like the type of burger you’d enjoy outdoors at your favorite fast casual burger joint.

{The Lobster}

Seafood and summer go hand in hand. Perhaps it reminds us of our favorite vacation destination—the beach, lake, river, etc. Or maybe it just seems extra indulgent that we treat ourselves to it at this time of year. Whatever the reason, the “surf” part of this surf and turf burger takes it to another whole level of deliciousness.

Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger

We prepped the lobster for this dish with a quick boil in some salted water, but feel free to grill or broil it for some extra flavor. All that’s needed now is some melted butter or freshly squeezed lemon juice…

{The Aioli}

This spread pairs perfectly with the lump lobster meat. First off, it includes both melted butter (lightly browned for a delicious nutty flavor) and lemon juice, which are two of the best ways to enjoy lobster! There’s also a hint of heat from some cayenne pepper, and a great burst of sweet-smoky flavor from some Thai chili sauce. The resulting combination is a wonderfully complex flavor that brings out all the highlights from both the charred beef patty and the plump lobster meat.

Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger

For an added bonus: there are actually two great ways to enjoy this aioli. 1) You can use it as regular spread as you would any other burger condiment. OR 2) You can actually combine it directly with the lump lobster meat to create a lobster salad, then use that as a topping for the burger along with the Peach and Corn Salsa.

{The Salsa}

What seasonal produce do you long for most in summer? For us, nothing beats sweet summer corn or juicy-ripe peaches. Sure, you can often find these year-round but they’re never quite as good as right in the heart of summer. So when you toss together grilled corn just-off-the-cob, diced peaches, jalapeno, creamy avocado, and basil with some lemon juice and salt, you get possibly the most refreshing and vibrant salsa that is 100% summer.

{The Bun}

Last on the list, but probably the most important, is the Martin’s Sandwich Potato Roll that holds it all together. When you want to make a perfect burger to kick off the summer in style, why not choose the #1 Branded Hamburger Roll in the US?

The soft, pillowy roll adds a great contrast to the bite of the burger and crunch from the fresh salsa, while also being dense enough to hold in all the wonderful juices without getting soggy or falling apart.

Sweet-Heat Surf and Turf Burger

We hope you enjoy this taste of summer! Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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