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Our Sandwich Potato Rolls are the #1 Branded Hamburger Roll in America*. In addition to being used by Shake Shack and other food service venues, these rolls have helped chefs and restaurateurs win numerous cooking competitions. Consumers love the soft texture of this roll and its ability to hold up to a hefty burger piled high with condiments (with some help from the “hinge”).
*according to IRi sales data

We have a mission to “bake the best products and provide the best sales distribution support.” This commitment to quality can be seen in every aspect of our business, including our products, our ingredients, and our work ethic. We know that hard work and dedication pays off. The sweet, buttery flavor and soft, pillowy texture of Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread are a favorite among families, chefs, and foodies. Our products are sold fresh in the eastern United States and distributed to thousands of food service venues throughout the US and to 20 other countries (and we are still growing)!


About Martin’s®

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.® is an all-American family owned and operated consumer goods company headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Our business has been operated by the Martin family since 1955 when Lloyd and Lois started baking products in their garage. Now Martin’s® is an international corporation and is managed by the second and third generations of Martins. Lloyd and Lois would be humbled to know how this American dream story has inspired many to embark on dreams of their own. The Martins have never lost sight of their faith in God, their dedication to family, and their rigorous dedication to baking the best products.

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In the News

Shake Shack + Martin’s = The Perfect Pair. Check out these media mentions regarding both brands:

How Martin’s Potato Rolls Became the ‘It’ Burger Bun – Eater
Mar 1, 2017

“Few burger chains have enjoyed as meteoric a rise as Shake Shack. From a single NYC location to a $100 million IPO just over a decade later, its cult-like following can be attributed to a number of factors — its custom Pat LaFrieda beef blend, those nostalgia-inducing crinkle fries, the “hospitality first” mantra imparted by founder Danny Meyer — but there’s another culinary force at play that shouldn’t be overlooked: those illustrious, pillowy-soft potato buns that cradle its burger patties.” Read More

5 Reasons L.A. Should Be Excited For Shake Shack – MidtownLunch
Apr 21, 2015

“1. The bun – It’s like the old saying goes: “Once you’ve had a Martin’s Potato Roll, you never go back.” Oh… that’s not a saying?  Well it should be.  Forget about sesame seeds.  And I’ll tell you where you can stick your brioche. Martin’s potato rolls are the best vehicle for a fast food sized ground beef patty. It’s science.” Read More

The Inside Story of How Shake Shack Makes Their Cheeseburgers So Delicious – Epicurious
Jan 15, 2015

“Start With A Martin’s Potato Roll…Sure enough, dozens of bags of Martin’s sandwich buns lie behind the counter at Shake Shack. They’re not “Made for Shake Shack Edition,” either—the bags are identical to ones I find up the block at my local grocery store. Like everything else at Shake Shack, these buns start out as a great product and are made even better by the time you get a finished burger, but it’s nothing immediately noticeable or over-the-top.” Read More

Shack Shorts: Stand For Something Good | Martin’s Potato Rolls – (via Youtube)
Apr 8, 2016

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Martin’s® Distribution Area

Martin’s® has two corporate bakeries (illustrated by the “call-out” bubbles in the map below), one in Chambersburg, PA and another in Valdosta, GA. All of our products for both domestic and international use come out of these two facilities.

Martin’s® delivers fresh product via “direct store delivery” across the East Coast of the United States and a few smaller segmented regions. This distribution is indicated by the red-highlighted section in the map below.

To find grocery store locations within our distribution area, you can use our Store Locator tool.

Updated 2018

Additionally, Martin’s® has relationships with several 3rd party distributors to deliver frozen and freshly-thawed institutional product to other regions of the United States and abroad. Using this model, we are able to service restaurants and food service institutions around the globe.


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