About Our Ingredients

High Quality Ingredients = Great Tasting Rolls and Bread!

We use the highest protein wheat flour available (and for our whole wheat products we use 100% stone ground whole wheat), nonfat milk, potatoes, real cane sugar, yeast, sunflower oil, and butter in our bakery products. Although many other bakeries may “cut corners” and use cheaper ingredients—such as whey & corn syrup instead of milk & sugar—we believe that our high quality ingredients and our dedication to excellence are what has made “Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls” the preferred choice in America for the past 50 years!

We can be hard to find in some places, but we’re trying hard to get our product into the hands of people everywhere in our great country. In the meantime, check out our “where to buy” section to see what stores in your area carry our products. And if we’re not in your area yet, don’t fret. You can order online and have them shipped to you!

We are wonderfully gratified to know that our customers enjoy “Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread,” and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

May God bless all our customers with goodness and health! We appreciate every one of you.