Who We Are

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Who We Are

Martin’s is a family owned and operated company whose mission is to bake the best products and provide the best service. We bake the #1 branded hamburger and hotdog roll in the US.

Each valued member of our tight-knit employee family does “Whatever it takes, God helping us” to grow our legacy of extraordinary quality and service.

We strive to treat everyone with unusual honesty and care, both in and outside of our walls, by each committing to be:

A Person of Integrity & Respect whose actions and interactions honor God.

A Communicator on a Unified Team committed to honest dialogue and constructive feedback.

A Contributor to a Culture rigorously dedicated to extraordinary quality and customer service.

A Proactive Thinker embracing a mindset of thorough planning and continuous improvement.

An Ambassador for Martin’s proudly representing our legacy of cherished eating experiences.


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